Admission Open for Session 2022-23

Chawla Chambers, Dayalband Bilaspur (C.G)

about us



In our school, the teaching is not only about knowledge transfer, but also fostering excellence. We believe in opening the minds of the pupils. We guide them to learn by doing, stressing on the all-round development of a child’s personality. The education system of the school provides an all-round education, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically, guidance in critical thinking, social openness and purposeful research. Students are given opportunities to develop their own talents as well as to be aware of national and global issues, while contributing to the healthy fulfilment of the needs of the community. The complete education system is based on true Indian values with all modern techniques and technologies for all round personality development of the children. Each child is unique and is a treasure house of talents. Helping children discover, polish and bring forth their treasure to the world is the sole aim of education. The school provides exposure, training and platform through various clubs to showcase their talents. Whether it is dance, music, theatre or sports, children are given ample opportunities to identify and develop their abilities and areas of interest. The goal is not only to help each child make a career out of his/her talent but also get in touch with his/her inner creativity.


Our Approach

Pursue excellence and all else shall follow.
We aspire to instill the right attitude, value and vision that will prepare the students for a lifetime of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.

Our Values